England Fans Find Cure For World Cup Heartbreak

England Fans Find Cure For World Cup Heartbreak

Spot directed by Jonas McQuiggin.


An unofficial England fan helpline called FFS England (For Fans Sobbing - England) is offering long-suffering Three Lions fans some hope.

Not that England’ll win the World Cup (behave). But that you might be able to support someone else after Southgate’s men flop out.

Find your 2nd Team with a DNA test

The world’s most advanced DNA test – provided by Living DNA – can tell where your ancestors came from. Which means we can tell which country could legitimately be your 2nd Team (cross your toes for Brazil).

As part of the campaign, FFS England are giving away four DNA tests worth £120 each. These normally take months to process. We’re turning them round faster than Cruyff.

The spots are directed by Jonas McQuiggin and produced by Independent Films.

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