This Short Film Features One Sick Puppy

This Short Film Features One Sick Puppy

In Creative Neda’s short film, post production house Stone Dogs puts its pawprint on the finishing for ‘Puppy Love’.


Neda releases her short film: ‘Puppy Love’. A dark romantic tale about a woman and her dog, with a vivid art directional style. 

Neda is a Creative, who has worked at agencies such as JWT, Mother and Karmarama. A relative newbie at Directing, she has already made a splash with her first foray into directing, winning a Gold at the Promax British Broadcast Awards.

‘Puppy Love’ is an 80-second film about a woman who yearns for the thrills described in her favourite romance fiction novels. Neda brings together love and gross-out visuals, and the results are truly unforgettable.

Full-service post production house Stone Dogs teamed up with Neda to bring her VFX-heavy vision to life. Since key aspects of the narrative – particularly the climax - were only achievable through VFX, the team worked closely with the director to craft the distinct post production visuals.

Neda comments: “Through my background as an Advertising Creative, I’ve developed a knack for storytelling, but I’ve also developed a real sense of cynicism having worked in the industry. And I think my work reflects that sense of cynicism about the world.  ‘Puppy Love’ is designed to make you feel uncomfortable - it's bubble-gum retro with a dark twist. It’s weird and beautiful. And it was definitely a ground-up challenge. I spent over a year hustling to organise insurance, a cast, and assistance even before even getting to pre-production. And with the help of Believe Media, I was finally got the film off the ground!”

She continues: “The whole process was a hustle. I was directing, editing, and doing art department - it was a lot fun. And when it came to the VFX part, Stone Dogs were great to work with, they brought a strong sense of realism and beauty to the film.”

Jonny Hicks, Co-Founder and VFX Artist at Stone Dogs comments: “After meeting Neda to discuss her needs for the project, we were confident we could achieve her vision. Being mindful of the timeframes we were working with, we proposed an entirely ‘2D’ solution, which would make use of new technology in Autodesk Flame. Using our Flame's new motion vector analysis map tracking, we could quite quickly add convincingly tracked textures, and composite elements into the scene. This method allowed us to produce an extremely versatile and adjustable set of features that could be easily adjusted according to Neda’s feedback. This system served well for quick version turnaround, as we were continuously refining our initial look development. We're delighted to have been a part of this project and are really looking forward to offering our support to Neda as she enters her film into festivals and competitions.”

‘Puppy Love’ is now live and will be entered into international short filmmaking competition, DepicT!.

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