Chicken Rings Are The Accessory Of The Moment In White Castle Facebook Live Stream

Chicken Rings Are The Accessory Of The Moment In White Castle Facebook Live Stream

Spot directed by Carrie Stett.


Director Carrie Stett, represented by Washington Square Films, puts a live home shopping spin on what is sure to be Fall’s most coveted accessory trend: Chicken Rings, in a Facebook Live campaign for White Castle out of Merkley + Partners. The 30-minute live segment, which streamed on June 27th, features Janelle and Heather, a duo of bubbly live shopping hosts with a palpable excitement for chicken rings, hyping the crispy value meal with the same level of detail and prestige as a designer handbag. The segment featured a runway fashion show with models showing off the diverse fashionable ways to don the delectable rings, live callers, personal testimonies and even a live proposal! The segment leveraged real-time interactivity, with the hosts responding to viewers’ comments in real time, giving them the opportunity to snag exclusive giveaways including a gorgeous ring dish and a pair of artisan-crafted chicken ring-earrings.  The live audience was also called up to weigh in on the developing content, including a call-to-action on a response for the marriage proposal.

Click HERE to view the promo and HERE to view the full live stream on White Castle’s Facebook page.

The Facebook Live segment called for three live cameras, with Stett directing the outlined script in real-time, making adjustments as the live event progressed and shifted.

Stett is a pioneer in Facebook Live production and creative storytelling in live streaming, working with brands to increase engagement and interaction with consumers. She has directed over 20 multi-camera live streams, reaching millions of views per video. She has worked with such top brands as Kleenex, Jell-O, Toyota, Walgreens, Paramount, MLB and more.

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