AdBridge™ & KBS Create Campaign Using CGI & KBS Create Campaign Using CGI

Spots directed by Jeffrey Dates.


Building on the “Save the Monster” campaign,, KBS and The Mill have created a new campaign, “Virtual Monster”, utilizing real-time rendering technology and a custom-built CGI virtual production pipeline to create a 50-foot purple CGI ‘Monster’ character, that performed live during the shoot.

This technology, never before used in this way, means the 100% CGI Monster is fully interactive, and can be re-animated live on-set to generate new content in a fraction of a second.

The project was spearheaded at The Mill by Mill+ Creative Director Jeffrey Dates, who both directed the series of short clips and was a pioneering force in developing the real-time animation pipeline.

Integrating CGI technology, such as real-time animation during a virtual production, creates the ability to completely change the pace and ease with which content can be created for brands and agencies.

In a process filled with uncertainty and false-starts, job seekers want someone who sees their value and is on their side to smash the barriers to finding better jobs. Also, job searches spike to their highest levels of the year every first quarter. “New year, new me,” is an often-shared sentiment in January. The countdown clock to the New Year marks a universal period of renewal and opportunity for everyone that believes better is out there.

In several :06 and :15 second videos, the Monster is a champion in your corner every step of the way to get the job you deserve.

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