Chelsea Pictures Signs Filmmaker & Skateboarder Stacy Peralta

Chelsea Pictures Signs Filmmaker & Skateboarder Stacy Peralta

Chelsea begins the new year by welcoming the iconic Stacy Peralta.


The director of seminal documentaries Dog Town and Z Boys and Riding Giants, Stacy Peralta has also long been considered one of the founding fathers of modern skateboarding. One of the first professional skateboarders to break through into popular culture has gone on to become equal parts skater, entrepreneur, writer, producer and filmmaker. After a brief, but profoundly influential skateboarding career, he co-founded skateboarding company POWELL-PERALTA. It was during his tenure here that they not only became the industry leader in decks, urethane wheels, graphics, advertising, but they also formed the indefatigable skateboard team The Bones Brigade, which launched the careers of not only Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen, as well as a half dozen more world skateboard champions. Peralta’s first foray into filmmaking, “The Bones Brigade Video Show” which he shot, edited and directed pioneered an entirely new genre which is now commonly referred to as Action Sports Videos.

His first feature documentary, the autobiographical Dog Town and Z Boys catapulted and cemented his place as consummate filmmaker - the film premiered at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival, garnering him both the Best Director Award and the Audience Award.

Since regarded for his ability to straddle subcultures as both insider and outsider, Peralta has gained access and the ability to document real people in their environments, leading to an additional three feature documentary premieres at Sundance, of which, Riding Giants was the first ever documentary chosen as the festival’s opening night film. He has also gone on to write the narrative feature The Lords of Dogtown starring the late Heath Ledger.

Chelsea president Lisa Mehling said of signing Peralta, “‘Dogtown’ and Riding Giants are two of my all-time favorite documentaries. Stacy has the ability to not only tell heartfelt, honest stories, but his films introduce us to vibrant subcultures, celebrating the most remarkable characters, which prior to his films were just outside of view.”

“My ability to straddle these subcultures with one foot in, one foot out has allowed me great access and the ability to document real people in their unique environments without causing interruption, which carries through to my recent and commercial work,” added Peralta.

“I’ve been a member of some spectacular teams in my life and I have benefited greatly from the association. Being asked to join Chelsea has given me the opportunity to once again to be on a spectacular team,” Peralta remarked. “To be in the same stable as Alex Gibney, Amir Bar-Lev and Lauren Greenfield is a dream come true.”

Peralta’s commercial filmmaking career spans genres, from documentary to visual storytelling, and has included work for clients and agencies ranging from LinkedIn and North Face, Carhartt to MullenLowe, Ogilvy and GTB.

“Stacy is an cultural icon and I am incredibly honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with him,” concluded Mehling.

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